Sunday, February 5, 2012

IT Consultants: Save Your Clients from Themselves

IT Consultants need to guide their clients' PC purchases. Rarely does purchasing "the latest and greatest" make sense for customers and it doesn't leave enough money for work done by IT consultants.

As professional IT consultants, don’t let your clients be the first on the block to buy something new, unless they have a really good reason and can cost-justify the bleeding-edge purchases.

"Latest and Greatest" Isn't Always the Best Choice

While buying the “latest and greatest” does have its time and place, this kind of purchasing strategy really puts your neck on the line and can rapidly deplete your clients’ limited technology budgets – which of course they need to conserve to afford your expert guidance.

Instant Depreciation

Buying the latest and greatest PC, whether it’s a desktop, notebook or server, is a lot like purchasing a new car at the beginning of the model year, as soon as it becomes available. Sure, your clients will get the fastest processor, the most RAM and the slickest supporting components.

However, your clients will pay steep price premiums for the novelty of being early adopters of state-of-the-art PCs. This means your clients may incur massive depreciation expenses – much like the way new cars lose several thousand dollars in book value the moment you drive them off the dealer’s lot.

IT Consultants Should Monitor Their Clients New PC Purchases

Because these PC purchase-related expenses are rarely trivial, start things off right by keeping your clients new PC purchases under close watch. Don’t be shy about recommending bona fide bargains on last year’s model whenever possible.

At the end of the day, this leaves more money in their technology budgets for high-level projects where IT consultants like you can really make a dent on your clients’ bottom line results.

Where Smart IT Consultants Find PC bargains:
To keep abreast of special promotions and other PC bargains, check out the following sites
CNET Shopper --
eBay --
TechBargains --

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