Sunday, February 5, 2012

IT Consulting Rates: What's Appropriate?

IT consulting rates for the sweet spot vary based on where you live, your niche and your skill set. Generally speaking, $50 to $125 an hour is appropriate IT consulting rates.

Since micro small business often rely on internal gurus or free help, many IT consultants find the sweet spot small business ideal for computer consulting. In this article, you'll learn what IT consulting rates are appropriate for this group. All rates are in U.S. Dollars. 

The Sweet Spot IT Consulting Rates Range

The sweet spot of small businesses is where everything starts to open up, and unless you're working with companies where your competing against a moonlighter or gurus, it can go anywhere from 50, to 75, to 100 dollars, 125 dollars an hour on up, depending on your skill set, your niche, and your geographic area.

No one that wants to project a professional image working with micro or sweet spots small businesses should be coming in at anything less than the 75 up to 85 dollars an hour range.

Know Your Rock Bottom IT Consulting Rate

75 to 85 dollars an hour should just about be your floor, and you should only really get to that level when they’re committing to you for a large block of time, or, retain your service agreement on an ongoing basis. Anything below that your going to see when you figure out what your expenses are of running your business.

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