Sunday, February 5, 2012

Computer Consulting: Do You Keep Your Micro Clients?

Computer consulting professionals can keep their micro clients. Just be sure you still have enough time to market your business of computer consulting.

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A big question, especially among newly established computer consulting professionals is this: “I have some smaller clients with two to five PCs. Since they’re very close and they’re willing to pay our hourly rate and understand that I can schedule them when I can, is there a problem in keeping them as clients? Until I establish myself with more larger clients, I’d hate to lose this income.”
Are Micro Clients Taking Up Too Much of Your Time?

This is more of a focus and a time management challenge than anything else. If you have a way that you can fit this all in, so much the better. Keep in mind that you need to leave time to get your direct mail campaigns out, to get your follow-up phone calls out, to go to the expos, to hold seminars, to get out and network, etc.

Don't take the only excess time that you have in a given week and devote it to servicing just those smaller computer consulting clients who are probably not going to grow substantially bigger over the next year or two.

Be Sure To Schedule Time for Marketing

Many computer consulting professionals have told us that they are spending so much time taking care of running and operating a store that it’s very difficult to find the time to read marketing books and learn other new skills, then get out and practice them. 

If you have enough time to devote to the marketing of your computer consulting business and servicing your sweet spot clients, So to the extent that you have time to do all this and you can fit it all in, that’s fine.  

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